All of the user data publicly available on our website are also available to you through our API. Sharing this information allows you to integrate data straight into your application. By pulling through this information, you can enrich existing data sets with a wealth of additional information. What’s more, our API is restful, secure and outputs data in JSON format which makes our data lightweight and much faster at transferring between systems.
The simplicity of this entails that you can retrieve informations from our website via GET request using query parameters.

t Query(required)

This defines the type of the query to make, specifying the value u will make a request for profile informations, while specifying t as value will make requests for tracks informations.

q Query(required)

This is used to make request for user information by specifying the username as value of q.

The main parameter in our API is the t parameter, it has support the following two values:

  • u = username [this will return the basic information from the user profile, such as the following]
    • id = returns the unique user id
    • username = returns the username
    • first_name = returns the first name
    • last_name = returns the last bame
    • website = returns the website
    • country = returns the country
    • city = returns the city
    • image = returns the profile avatar image
    • cover = returns the profile cover image
  • t = username [this will return a list of the latest 20 tracks uploaded by the user containing the following information]
    • id = returns the unique track id
    • by = returns the unique user id
    • title = returns the track title
    • description = returns the description of the track
    • art = returns the track artwork image
    • tag = returns the tag list
    • buy = returns the purchase url
    • record = returns the record label
    • release = returns the release date
    • license = returns the license type
    • time = returns the date time when was published
    • likes = returns the number of likes
    • views = returns the number of views (times played)

  • Usage Examples:

    To request user profile information:

    Request for a list of last 20 tracks uploaded by the user:

    Using json decoding, the following PHP code will make a request for user data:

    header('Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8;');
    $file = file_get_contents("https://newnify.com/api.php?t=t&q=USERNAME");