Newnify Music is located at:
Benography Studio FCET, Omoku Port Harcourt
Rivers - 510103, Nigeria

Newnify Music is an extension of Newnify Studios, whose services include but not limited to Beat Production, Audio mixing and mastering, Sound recording, Video Recording, Video Editing, Animated 3D Illustration and Film montages, 3D integration for film, Visual Effects production, Graphics design, Content marketing and many other services that can be found on our catalog. Newnify music was born out of the inspired need of a platform to effectively market and advertise musical products, owing to the fact that already existent platforms are either not available or erroneously expensive. Newnify music was built to link the content creator with the end user hence the slogan "The platform for music makers and music lovers. Despite the slogan and popular advertorial terminologies of the product it's use may not be limited to music makers, but can be equally useful to film makers on demand, skits and comedy, podcast and any other relevant area which deals with audio and video distribution.